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Your structure's foundation is built into the ground. That means it is constantly exposed to moisture and groundwater. It needs to be properly protected for the lifetime of your home. Invest in quality waterproofing and keep the water out! You'll be protecting both your belongings and the structure itself when you invest in superior work from our local, certified, and insured team.

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You'll be protected when you choose our professionals, because we do superior work and offer up to a 40-year warranty on our jobs. Call for details!

How does waterproofing work?

Your space needs more than just waterproofing to stay dry. You'll also need a proper drainage system around your home.  Your foundation drainage is the second part of a complete system.  Reach out to the expert team that's been providing complete one-stop solutions for North Carolina homeowners and business people for more than 15 years, Hurst Guaranteed Dry Waterproofing Inc.

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After cleaning and prepping your foundation, we spray apply our waterproofing product, Mar-Flex 5000.  It is an elastomeric membrane that completely protects your foundation.  The Mar-Flex membrane is then protected with one of our drainage mats, such as the geo-mat plus or the 3/4 inch drain and dry board.  Each job has unique needs, and with our products, we can design the system that is right for you.