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Protect your property from water damage

Call in the professional waterproofers and cover your foundation, crawl space, and more with effective waterproofing.

Invest in the best

Turn to our highly trained and insured team for reliable work to ensure that you're protected from water damage. Our team will keep your space clean

and dry.

Get a FREE estimate

Rely on our warranty

Trust our experience

You can rely on the work you'll get, because we've been helping both home and business owners here in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas for more than 15 years.

Rest easy! When you get waterproofing work done by us, you can receive up to a 40-year warranty. That's a lot of worry-free days and nights.

Whether you're looking for work on your crawl space or your whole foundation, check with us. We'll give you a FREE estimate on your new construction!

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